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Private Akademi Hospital has been founded to provide quality, honesty and human health services in health sector to our people and started to admit patients on 13th May, 2002.

Our hospital, which has a closed area of 4000 m2, has 9 floors and it aims to provide services with the appeal of fair prices without sacrificing the quality in order to be the leader in private hospital sector with its examination, diagnosis, treatment and other services.

Our hospital has 3 surgery rooms for general purposes. All closed and open surgeries including microsurgery, laparoscopy surgery, endoscopic, urological and otolaryngology surgery are conducted successfully in these 3 surgery rooms.

 The surgery rooms and related spaces are ventilated with Hepafilter system. The surgery room, which has excellent technical equipments, has central oxygen, vacuum and air conditioner installations and it enables the surgeries to be conducted in optimum conditions.  Our surgery rooms have 3 large surgery units, central oxygen system and modern anesthesia devices. 

Also, anesthesia application, which is one of the most important and vital parts of every kind of operations, are conducted by a team of experts with great care.

Computerized tomography, ultrasonography, colored Doppler, mammography, all direct and contrast films and every kind of radiological interventions are conducted successfully in radiology unit and services of MR, scintigraphy, bone densitometry are provided by means of contracted institutions.

Also, all kinds of examinations regarding biochemistry, microbiology, bacteriology and hematology and all kinds of hormone examinations are conducted in the laboratories of our hospital.

Gynecology and urology specialists work in coordination in infertility unit and appropriate examinations, diagnoses and treatments are successfully applied with laboratory support. 

With this emergency service department structures designed in accordance with the emergency service standards, our hospital provides the emergency health services in an effective, fast and reliable manner 24 hours of a day with its rich and experienced staff formed of  emergency doctor, emergency nurses and doctors from all branches, who are called in when necessary. The patients in our hospital, in which we provide Consultant Doctor Service, are introduced to our Consultant Doctor firstly and his stay in the hospital are minimized with the most accurate form of guidance. 

Our emergency service has an emergency observation room with 4 beds. Considering the condition of the patient, monitoring and ventilation procedures are conducted when necessary. 

The rooms in our hospital, which have a capacity of 49 beds, are designed in a luxurious manner considering all needs of the patient and the attendants.   All the rooms have a television, a refrigerator, a bathroom and toilet.

We continue down the road by being economical without decreasing the speed and quality with our expert staff and support teams who aim for new successes every day.

As Akademi Hospital, which uses the advanced technology of the age, which considers knowledge a great treasure and makes use of it, which basically aims the best service for people and which aims to contribute constituting a healthy society, "Our Aim is to serve the People" with all our doctors, nurses, health officer, medical technicians, pharmacists, administrative and general service units.
 All our efforts for this end is to provide continuity for the health, which is the most important factor of a person's personal and social development and which is the greatest treasure of our lives.
 As Akademi Hospital we say; “We Are with You in Sickness and Health”